Range Safety Rules

Although the .22LR bullet is small, it has a range of over 1.5 kilometres and can be lethal at long as well as short distance.

Airgun pellets can also cause serious, even fatal injuries.

You can download a copy of these rules on the Downloads page.

image of the rifle range

Range Safety Rules

Safety is ALWAYS No.1 priority and must be observed at all times.

For your own and other’s safety, and for the reputation of the sport, always handle a rifle or airgun with the care it deserves and follow these rules.

While the above rules have been formulated primarily for .22”LR rifle shooting, they apply equally to air rifle and air pistol shooting, with minor changes as stated.

Always remember that the rifle which to us is an item of sporting equipment, is to most people and in the eyes of the law, a potentially lethal weapon. It is we shooters ourselves who, whilst gaining maximum enjoyment from the sport, understand the potential risks and conduct ourselves accordingly, with the result that shooting is one of the safest sports around. Let’s keep it that way.