Presentation Evening 2014

On Saturday 18th January 2014, Bury Masonic Hall was the venue for revived Bury Rifle Club Presentation Evening.

Awards ready for presentation

Bury Rifle Club Presentation Evening 18th January 2014

The evening was an opportunity for club members to not only come together in a social capacity and meet others who attend on different nights but to also celebrate the achievements of our fellow members.

As well as enjoying the fun aspect of the evening which included a general knowledge quiz and an event to test our members shooting skills - tin-can-alley, numerous awards were presented for the following categories:

.22 Rifle & Air Pistol Club Awards Most Improved
.22 Rifle & Air Pistol Awards Cumbria & Northumbria
.22 Rifle & Air Pistol Awards
.22 Rifle & Air Pistol Club Champion Awards
And a newly introduced Bury Rifle Club - Lifetime Achievement Award 2013

Special thanks to:
Venue Bury Masonic Hall
Hosts/Presenters Wayne Taylor, Carl Harris
Presenters Brian Fletcher, Dianne Cornforth, Stuart McArthur
Photographer Steve Morrison

The events of the evening were captured in a number of photographs.

Pass your mouse over the thumbnails to see them.

image of trophies won