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Competition Diary

Members may participate in a number of competitions throughout the year.

These are shot on an Individual, Team or Shoulder to Shoulder basis. A number of the more notable competitions are listed below.

Club Competitions

Two new competitions were announced in 2009 which use a specially developed handicap system that gives everyone a fair chance of winning no matter what their ability.

.22 Rifle Handicap

Runs throughout the year, divided into four quarters, comprising of two 10 shot cards per month. This is split into four divisions with promotion/demotion at the end of each quarter.
Automatic entry for all members.

Air Pistol Handicap

Runs throughout the year, divided into four quarters, comprising of two 10 shot cards per month.
Entry by sign up.

The Preston Cup (Autumn / Winter)

A dropped point competition for teams from different clubs.
Every team member nominates a figure between 1 and 7 and elects to try to drop that number on the target in front of them. If they succeed then they have shot a score of 100 ex 100.
Bury has a good success rate in this competition.

Preston and District Shoulder to Shoulder Competition (November to April)

This particular league is a very sociable event with clubs visiting each others ranges to shoot. Refreshments are served (usually pie and peas), and old friendships are renewed.
Bury has enjoyed a good success rate in this competition.


Much of the club's shooting is postal and involves targets being shot on the home range. Cards are signed, wittnessed, dated and then posted to an official scorer who scores the targets and arranges for the results to be sent out.

Perthshire (May to September)

Club teams

Cumbria & Northumbria

Club teams and individual (.22 small bore rifle)

Club teams and individual (.177 air pistol)

National Smallbore Rifle Association (November to April)

Club team of 4 (Knock Out)

Club team of 6 (Knock Out)

National Smallbore Rifle Association (April to September and October to March)

Club teams

The County of Lancaster Leagues

Summer and Winter club team and Individual postal competitions for members of affiliated clubs.

County Team and Reserves Team

Several Bury members represent their County and shoot in the NSRA County team postal competition. (Entry is by invitation only)

County Short Range Championship

An individual competition where the first two rounds are shot on the clubs home range. The finalists then shoot shoulder to shoulder at another previously designated range.


The club does not have outdoor range facilities however a number of members have joined the APPLETON RIFLE CLUB and shoot in outdoor competitions and leagues throughout the year. One such competition is named the "Polar Bear", no prizes for what time of the year that this is shot.

There are also opportunities for members to shoot in the National Championships each summer at Bisley in Surrey and also at "The Scottish" which changes its venue in Scotland each year. Shooters have a choice in these two competitions of shooting during either the weekend or the week thus giving those with time constraints an opportunity to enter.